The Key Player - Striker in Soccer Training

Why is individual training important in soccer?

Individual training focuses on refining the specific skills and responsibilities of a forward. It allows you to focus on your strengths and improve your weaknesses. Through repeated practice, but also through our provocation method, movement sequences and soccer techniques are refined and become automatic.

Warming up with special exercises for Striker training

Why is striker training important?

There are two basic roles in a soccer game:
  1. Scoring goals
  2. Preventing goals
If you think of a soccer game as a complex puzzle, then forwards are the ones who put the pieces together to complete the picture. Here are some reasons why training for strikers is so important: Scoring - the ultimate discipline Strikers are the goal scorers who put the ball in the net. Focused and accurate shooting training makes a striker a true goal scorer.

Team player qualities: Strikers are not just there for themselves. They support their teammates with skillful passing and movement. 
Effective striker training promotes team spirit and cooperation.

Key Role in the Team:The striker can be compared to a key that unlocks the door to the joy of victory.
Without the ability to score goals, even the best tactics can come to naught.

Why strikers and goalkeepers are considered "key players"?

In every soccer match, the strikers and goalkeepers are in the spotlight. Strikers bring joy and excitement by scoring goals, while goalkeepers keep the box clean and lay the foundation for success. It is therefore a clear priority for me as a coach to train and develop these key players.

What does it take to be a good striker?

Vigilance like a tiger in the penalty area: The penalty area is the special zone, the place where strikers have to be like tigers. There is little space, little room and especially little time. The key is to be alert and, like a skilled hunter, steal open spaces to get the ball.
Instinct is something special, something innate. It is a natural sense of being in the right place at the right time. It is a natural sense of being in the right place at the right time. A successful striker has this instinct, which helps him to recognize crucial moments and score goals.

Technique like an expert: To become a first-class striker, you need a sophisticated soccer technique. This includes ball handling, receiving, shooting, passing, and heading. It's like the tools of an artist - perfect them to excel on the pitch.

Vision and scoring instinct: A real striker has a special vision of the pitch. No matter what position he is in - with his back to the goal, sideways, or in stressful situations - he knows where the goal is. Mental strength:In addition to physical ability, mental strength is crucial. A striker must be able to handle pressure, overcome setbacks, and constantly focus on new opportunities.

The famous mental trainer Thomas Mangold describes mental training in theory and practice in his bestselling book: “The New Way of Soccer”!

"I can recommend mental training for forwards for several reasons, but here are the three most important:Focus:Mental training helps forwards focus on the essentials and minimize distractions during the game".

: Mental training can help forwards boost their self-confidence, which is crucial for success in critical phases of the game.
Decision-making: Good mental training improves quick decision-making on the pitch, which is essential for forwards in finishing and match situations. Mental quickness is trainable and can be a game-changer."                            

 "Example: "Christiano Ronaldo trains only a very small number of free kicks directly with the ball. He trains the vast majority of his free kicks mentally, through visualization training.

Why is assertiveness important for strikers?

Imagine your little striker is all alone in front of the goal with only one defender to stop him. This is where assertiveness comes into play. It's about asserting yourself in different situations against one or even two defenders in order to score goals.

1 vs. 1 The key situation: Tight control of the ball: A striker must treat the ball like his best friend. With precise ball control and close attention to the ball, a striker can take defenders out of play and create space.
Change of pace: Sometimes slow, sometimes lightning fast. The change of pace can throw a defender off balance and give the striker the decisive advantage.
Creativity and agility: Strikers should use their creative skills to make unpredictable moves.

What is creativity in soccer?

For us (Matthias Nowak, Dr. Torbjörn Vestberg, Dominik Voglsinger) the definition of creativity is:

"To have several solutions in pressure situations, to use the best possible solution to solve the situation under pressure".

Soccer Book: Creative Game Forms in Soccer:

AFS Striker Street Soccer

Why do we need dedicated striker coaches?

As discussed earlier, even the best system cannot be effective if not enough goals are scored.

Transfer Market Dynamics:
Let's look at the transfer market - the most expensive players and those with the highest market value are often strikers. Specialized training could help develop more talented strikers and thus reduce the pressure on the transfer market.

What are the benefits of a sustainable striker development program for clubs?

  • The club does not have to search for strikers (transfer) 
  • The club saves money because it has developed its own strikers. 
  • The club can sell or loan talented strikers to other clubs 
  • The spectators enjoy seeing a young player from their own club (actually trained and developed by themselves) 

How much does the most expensive football player in the world cost?

  • Kylian Mbappe at €180 million
  • Erling Haaland at €180 million
  • Jude Bellingham at €150 million
  • Vinicius Junior at €150 million
  • Bukayo Saka at €120 million 
Quelle: Statista Stand: Dezember 2023

Why is striker training different at AFS?

At AFS - Playerdevelopment we are ahead of the curve. We understand that strikers have special needs and therefore develop innovative striker units on a weekly basis at our sports center in Strebersdorf, Vienna.

Specialization with Michael Strasser: Michael Strasser is a former striker who specializes in striker training. He brings not only experience but also a passion for scoring goals and is constantly developing himself to take the striker units to the next level.

What makes our striker units so special?

Individual development:
Every striker is unique and that's how we design our units. We focus on the individual needs, skills and goals of each player.Innovation and creativity: There is no such thing as boredom! We incorporate innovative drills that sharpen not only technical skills but also tactical thinking.
Mentality and confidence:
Scoring goals requires not only technique but also the right attitude. Our sessions promote a positive mentality and boost the confidence of our strikers.

Why do we break old patterns in soccer?

The world is looking for scorers:
Let's take a look at the soccer market - most clubs are desperate for effective strikers. At AFS, we are breaking out to mold the next generation of goal scorers.

Change leads to progress:
By breaking new ground, we open doors for innovative techniques and ideas. In this way, we are actively shaping the future of forward training.

Why is street soccer so important to our soccer development?

At AFS Player Development, we've brought street soccer back to life. It helps our players, especially our offensive players (like strikers), to develop in a different environment. Check out the photo!


Conclusion: Goals and dreams at AFS - Player Development!

At our sports center in Strebersdorf, we focus on new ways to shape the goals of the future. With Michael Strasser at the helm, we are breaking old patterns and creating an environment where strikers can make their dreams come true. So, dear soccer stars of tomorrow, get ready to experience goals and dreams at AFS - Player Development!

Best regards,

Michael Strasser
Dominik Voglsinger
"Player development is our responsibility"